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Quilts and table runners are made to be used on a regular basis!  Having said that, here is some useful information about
your custom quilt creation or ready made “lovely”:

Maintaining Your Quilt: Give your quilt or table runner a good airing once a year. Shake and air them on an overcast, dry,
and breezy day. Don't hang quilted items over a wire or clothesline, but rather spread them out on the grass over towels
or a mattress pad. Refresh cotton quilts with a spin in the clothes dryer. Use gentle cycle with no heat. If a quilt is dusty,
vacuum it gently. Secure a piece of nylon net over the head of a hand vacuum or hose attachment tool and let the
suction do the work. Avoid any surface abrasion of the quilt.

Cleaning Your Photograph Quilt: For your photograph quilt or table runner, do not use detergent. It can be washed by
hand or machine in cold water. If you are machine washing, use the gentle cycle, and remove promptly. If soiled, add a
small amount of liquid fabric softener to the cold water wash. Wet quilts are heavy; support them well when moving to a
flat surface to air dry.
Do not use the dryer.

Cleaning Your Regular Quilt: If a quilt or table runner needs washing, use cold water with a mild liquid laundry detergent.  
Machine wash it on the gentle cycle or wash it by hand, being careful not to wring or twist.
Do not use bleach. Wet quilts
are heavy; support them well when moving to a flat surface to air-dry. All of the items for sale at Quilted Lovelies except
for the photograph quilts and table runners can be put in the dryer on delicate or low heat.

Dry cleaning is generally not recommended, but may be the only appropriate method for wool or silk quilts if the soil
cannot be vacuumed or gently brushed away. Quilt curators and appraisers advise against dry cleaning old textiles,
saying the chemicals and agitation are harmful to them.

Storing Your Quilt or Table Runner: Find a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting for storing your
quilt or table runner. The ultraviolet radiation in both daylight and fluorescent lights causes dyes to fade and fibers to
become brittle. Refolding and rotating your items seasonally helps protect them from light damage. Avoid attics,
garages, damp basements, and other locations where quilted items are exposed to high temperatures, high humidity,
and stagnant air. Heat and/or humidity, and lack of ventilation set up the right environment for mold and mildew. An
unused extra bed makes an ideal storage spot for quilts. Place cotton sheets between quilt or table runner layers to
prevent dye transfer.  

If you put your quilted items away, avoid storing them directly on wooden shelves or in cardboard containers with gift-
wrap style tissue paper. Do not use the packing paper your "lovely" was shipped in. Untreated wood and paper cause the
yellow and brown spots seen on many old quilts. Instead roll (rather than fold) cotton quilts or table runners with acid-free
tissue paper between the layers. Or use polyester batting to cushion folds. To prevent permanent creases, regularly refold
the quilted items in a different way, then re-roll them. Place rolled quilts or table runners inside cotton pillowcases or sheets
to protect against light, dust, and contact with acidic materials. Do not use plastic bags as these tend to retain moisture
and encourage mildew growth. If you need to store quilts or table runners on wooden shelves, place them in cotton
pillowcases first. Then, use a layer of muslin or even aluminum foil to create a barrier between the wood and the

Cotton is easily deteriorated by contact with cardboard or unfinished wood, which can become acidic. Quilted Lovelies
is not responsible for issues that may arise from improperly cleaning, storing or displaying a quilt or table runner after it is
received by the customer.
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