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Any questions, please contact us, and thank you for your order!
After you’ve chosen your perfect “lovely”,
click on the
Order Now button (fig. 1). If
you're ordering a quilt label, be sure all the
options are filled out before you click the
order button. You will then be brought to
the Shopping Cart page (fig 2).  
on the Keep Shopping link (fig. 2). You'll
be brought back to the Home page. Click
Need more items or personlization? Click
on Quilt Labels. Let's say the customer
wants personalization. She goes to the
bottom of the page where the giant P is,
and clicks on the
Order Now button again
(fig 4).
Need to increase your
quantity? Now that you're
back at the Shopping Cart,
enter the quantity you want
and click on the Update
button. The price will
automatically update.
In fig. 5, the Keep Shopping link was
clicked to buy personalization
for the
fig. 5
fig. 6
If you have a PayPal account and want to pay with
PayPal, click on the PayPal button
. You will be
directed to PayPal’s secure site to pay, then redirected
back to Quilted Lovelies’ site.
If you don’t have a
PayPal account, click on the Checkout button
(fig. 7).
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fig. 1
fig. 2
fig. 3
fig. 4
Have a Coupon Code? Enter it on the
Shopping Cart page. The box is located
at the bottom right of the page, under the
Keep Shopping link (fig 6).
fig. 7
The next page is the Shipping Page. This is where you
enter any coupon codes you have, and/or any information
about your order that you want us to know about. (See
Comments.) After you're finished, click on the
website. When you use your PayPal  
Quilted Lovelies or any third party.
Please see our
Privacy Policy. Once
This is where you pay. You can
either log in to PayPal (right) or fill
review and confirm your order.still
be sent to PayPal's secure