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Photograph quilts and more! Memorable photographs are meant to be seen, not stored on your computer, or in an album
or shoe box in a dark closet. Unforgettable moments will last forever and be close at hand when favorite photos are made
into a quilt, table runner or pillow. These items can tell a story, highlight a much loved pastime or pet, commemorate a
wedding, baby, anniversary, birthday, or be a comforting reminder of those who are no longer with us. Quilt prices vary by
the size of the quilt and the number of photographs desired.
Contact us for a quote. Click on any picture for a closer look.

Ordering a quilt or pillow is painless. Fill out the
order form, save it, then email it and your scanned picture(s) to Quilted
Lovelies. You’ll then receive an exact quote by email. Click here to see an example. Need help? Contact us!
Photograph Anniversary Quilt
Please read Good
Stuff To Know for
custom work.
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Custom Photo Quilt 3
This quilt was made for
a soldier about to be
deployed. The white
space around the
photos were for
personal messages
from loved ones. See
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quilt on
This quilt was made for a
50th wedding anniversary.  
There are 23 pictures,
spanning the 5 decades the
couple has been married.  
Each picture is hand
embroidered with the year
the picture was taken, plus
hand embroidery on the
fabric squares. The center
square has a sentiment, also
hand embroidered.
Custom Made Photograph Baby Quilt
This baby quilt was made from
mom's old baby clothes and
grandmother's old maternity
clothes. Plus pictures of the
expectant parents when they
were children, engaged and
married, and a sonogram of the
new baby.
Custom Made Photograph Quilt
This quilt was made for
the customer's friend who
was getting married. In
the top corner are
pictures of when they
were in college. The
bottom corner has recent
pictures of them. Running
diagonally through the
quilt are stitches made to
look like a running stream.
Custom Made Photograph Pillow
Pillow made for another
golden anniversary.
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Custom Made Photograph Quilt
This quilt was made for a
loving pet parent of her 4
dogs. The center square has
a picture of all the dogs
together, and a sentiment
that is hand embroidered.