Quilted Lovelies Ordering Instructions for Custom Made Items
Good Stuff To Know
1. Mother's Day, Christmas and Halloween come early to Quilted Lovelies! If you are sending material for a Mother's Day
item, or want a custom made Mother's Day item, please send it or order no later than April 15, 2016. If you are sending
material for a Halloween item, or want a custom made Halloween item, please send it or order no later than September
1. If you are sending fabric for a Christmas gift or decoration, or want a custom made Christmas gift or decoration,
please send it or order no later than November 1. After those dates, please
contact us to see if there is a spot left on the
schedule for you.

2. Complete payment must be made before production starts.

3. All material is pressed after it arrives, and if needed, a fusible backing is added. It is then trimmed and squared up.
Cotton works best, but almost any fabric can be used. If clothes are sent, a charge of $10.00 per quilt will be added
because the clothes will have to be taken apart and cut into usable pieces. You will be notified if your material is too
delicate to use. I would rather not use it than ruin something so special to you.

4. If Quilted Lovelies will be providing the material, the charge is $10.00/yard. Pictures of several choices of fabric will be
emailed to you for your review. If you have something you'd like your quilt or table runner to match, feel free to send
pictures. Don't be shy if you don't like the selections. I have over 500 fabrics, so I'll offer you more choices if you didn't like
the first ones.

5. Before construction begins, you will be sent pictures of layouts by email for your approval. Once design choices have
been made, and work has begun, any changes made to the original design will incur at least a $50 fee.  

6. Your custom made design will be created! If your lovely takes longer than a week to complete, you'll be sent a weekly
progress report with pictures. After completion, you’ll be notified, and a final picture sent.

7. Your quilt or table runner will be sent USPS Priority Mail, and any unused fabric will be returned to you. You’ll be notified
again when your lovely is shipped.

8. Custom quilt labels are available to commemorate your quilt or table runner. They are hand embroidered and
machine sewn to the back of the quilt or table runner. If you would like a quilt label made, please let me know in the
preliminary email.  

9. Quilts and table runners will be created on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. If it
appears that your quilt will take longer than 4 weeks or will not be ready in time for Mother's Day, Halloween or
Christmas, you will be notified before construction begins.

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