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(1.06 lbs.)
Embroidery, Table Runners, Quilted Coasters & Fabric Story Books
Backs of Jacks Quilted Coasters
(2 oz.)
How many times have you picked up a glass in the living room and had your stone coaster stick to the bottom of it? Then the coaster slides off,
denting the coffee table, or worse, your toe. And cleaning them is impossible. Quilted Lovelies Quilted Coasters won’t stick to your glasses, are
reversible and washable. Unlike stone coasters, they absorb moisture, keeping condensation off your furniture.

All are one-of-a-kind, 4 ½” square coasters, and there will not be another like them anywhere. They are continuously line quilted, which involves
a nonstop sewing line that can take any shape: circles, squiggles, flowers, anything. Tired of the front? Turn it over for a completely different
look, and after you knock over your lemonade, toss your coaster into the washing machine.

Sold in sets of 4, prices start at $7.60 per set.  A perfect any time gift! Click on the picture on the left for a larger view.
Tea Time Quilted Coasters
(2 oz.)
Another Tie Quilted Coasters
(2 oz.)
14 oz.
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